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About us

Wow building a house is draining emotionally and physically. It all started with a dream. One day when I will build a house on a huge big property full of luscious grass and blooming trees, the house will have bedroom and guestrooms, living rooms and entertainment rooms, and last but not least, I wanted a magnificent huge kitchen. I was always a kitchen lover. The most delicious food creations came out of my expertise. But, not only did I want my food creations to be gorgeous; I also wanted my kitchen and working conditions to be comfortable and a feast to the eyes.

For my kitchen I imagined huge sinks and granite counter tops. An island right in the middle of the huge kitchen with a focal point standing in its glory was at the height of my imagination.

A couple of years ago, when I was just starting out in life, necessity started to knock at my door. Being very creative in the kitchen, I started to prepare creations with foods of all kinds. At that time, my family started to grow, and my need for petty cash increased. I offered my neighbors and friends that I would do some cooking chores for them. I would peel, slice, chop, pare for them, in preparation for them to do their own cooking. My neighbors then would give me a few dollars for petty cash.

These little arrangements went on for a little bit, and everyone involved was very happy.

Everyone besides me! I was looking for better kitchen knives and utensils. Being on vacation in one summer day, good luck happened to come my way. I was talking to the chef of the hotel and telling him, how I love the kitchen, and what beautiful creation I can make. I also mentioned to him about the need of better kitchen utensils, when one of the guest overheard me and said, "Look no more, because I want to help you!"

This guest happened to be a man what was very knowledgeable in the industry of manufacturing. We spoke for hours and hours of the ideas that we would create. My friend, being an artist by nature, came into this venture to help us. He drew, designed and perfected, the most amazing and beautiful as well as comfortable design for a one piece, blade and handle knife. This knife turned out to be a one of a kind master piece. Its durability, its sharpness and comfortability, as well as its eye catching beauty was thrilling. My dream of better kitchen knives and utensils was starting to become a reality.

The manufacturing process went very smoothly, thanks to by friend who I met at the hotel in Miami beach, while on vacation.

From one created knife my friend and artist created a whole set of knives. Each set is nicer and better than the next. The demand for my eye catching, sharp and comfortable knife sets, started to grow. Together me, my artist friend, and the guest at the hotel, decided to create a company. Thus the Stone boomer Company was born.

These sets are also displayed as a focal point to the most beautiful kitchens around the world. The Stone boomer Com. with their expertise and good reputation, then went on to manufacture, all types of kitchen utensils. Our utensils are also made of a one piece handle and utensil design. Every utensil is manufactured to be beautiful, comfortable and durable. We make sure our knives and utensils are perfect in every way. With such an outstanding reputation and being on high demand we are thankful and pleased, to have created this

Super Product Co. and the rest is history.