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# 10 - Stainless Steel Kitchen Chef knife

$5.99 $24.99


Designed to help offer the best combination of grip, strength, precision and style, this chef knife is a must-have for the ambitious chefs out there. Made to help deliver a clean and decisive cut at every opportunity, this knife makes the ideal starting point when you are looking for that extra depth and strength in your kitchen. 


The perfect choice for any professional or home chef who is looking to hone their skills. As this is a Stone Boomer knife, it carries that intense quality of finish that ensures this can deliver the final blow to just about anything you need to cut up. Designed to help make sure you can slice and dice while leaving clean and clear cuts, these knives are the perfect pick for something with an extra touch of strength, class and quality. If you are looking to help master the art of accurate cutting with a chef’s knife, this is just what you have been looking for. 


Designed to offer precision as much as personality, this chef’s knife makes even the toughest of cuts a formality. It’s made to help ensure you can cut up everything from fruit and veg to meats and cakes with the absolute minimum of fuss. This knife also carries a large, durable size to ensure that it can get the cutting job done whether it’s a family-sized cake or a massive spread of meat that needs organized. 


Regardless of your intent, you’ll find that this chef’s knife from STONE BOOMER makes the perfect kitchen companion!